German Energy Center and College GECC cooperate with Titan Mach to release joint technical members

The German Energy Institute and the GECC and the German Titan Mach jointly launched a joint technology member, GECC and the German Titanium Mach, announced the release of joint technology members. Titanium Mach technology members will be shared with GECC technology members. As a member of Titanium Mach Technology, decorative companies will also become members of GECC.


The cooperation between GECC and Ti Mach will make the GECC membership system expand to domestic high-end decorative enterprises for the first time. Relying on the influence of Titanium Mach in the domestic high-end decoration industry, GECC's existing membership system will be strengthened, which will not only contribute to the expansion of existing German member companies' domestic business, but also help GECC to be more advanced in Germany. Energy-saving and environmentally friendly products are brought to the hands of Chinese users!
About Titanium Mach
In the 1970s, the German Titan Mach Building and Decoration Company was founded, rooted in Osnabrück, Germany, and is a member of the German Association for the Construction of Mutual Aid (BG) and the German Handicrafts Guild (HWK). Bocatt, Chairman of the German Titan Mach Construction and Decoration Company, has a complete set of engineering management experience in architectural decoration design, site management, material selection, quality control and customer service. At the same time, he is an energy conservation and environmental protection expert, and has a system for villa decoration. Engineering concept. In 2005, Bolognese introduced Titan Mach's advanced construction technology and standards to China, and established the Titanium Mach (China) Technology Center and Titanium Mach Designers.
In 2019, Titanium Mach is open to all industry open technology members. Titanium Mach effectively uses its 49-year brand history and 14 years of experience in Chinese villa furniture to integrate the world's top technology, supply chain and design resources to create a cluster of villa-leading home industry resources. And sharing the platform.
Titanium Mach will give full play to the power of the platform, share cutting-edge process technology for the whole industry, enhance the overall development of the villa interior industry, promote the industrial upgrading of the home improvement industry, and provide consumers with a truly healthy and comfortable living experience.
GECC and Titan Mach Joint Technology Member
1. Technical exchange and data sharing
Under the guidance of Titanium Mach and GECC's technical expert committee, we will bring together various parties in the Sino-German and Central European decorative fields to hold various types of technical exchange activities and share advanced technology from the world.
At the same time, it also provides updated textbooks of Titanium Mach construction technology and special technical solutions. Additional services such as video teaching and on-site training will be provided for complex and difficult processes and solutions.
2. Marketing
In the exhibition halls of Titanium Mach and GECC, product promotion, brand promotion and conference activities will be promoted offline for members; at the same time, the official website of Titan Mach and GECC, WeChat public account and other media will also jointly participate in member companies. Conduct online promotion.
3. Professional training
Titanium Mach and GECC hold regular in-house technical and technical training activities, and invite well-known experts and scholars from home and abroad to give lectures on the advanced technology and technical solutions of the villa interior industry in Germany and the world. And also support the localization of German technical documents, the localization of German technical standards, etc..
4. International exchange
Titanium Mach and GECC work together to promote academic, technical, product and personnel exchanges between China and Germany and between China and Europe. Providing member companies with in-house study tours and field visits to world-class technology research and development sites and villa sites. Meet face-to-face with world-class decorating companies and suppliers.
5, supply chain support
Titanium Mach Technology Member Platform and Germany GECC platform not only invites loading enterprises, but also absorbs many world top material suppliers and technology solution providers, and builds a complete villa interior industry supply chain from top to bottom.
At the same time, it has opened up the world's top construction resources and design resources that Tier Mach has integrated for 49 years. Both small and medium-sized home improvement companies and head enterprises, whether they are project managers or designers, can benefit from them and enhance their professionalism.
6, the brand authorization priority signing rights
In addition to providing technical support, Titanium Mach will also provide joint members with priority licensing rights for local brands. Brand licensing is the core business of Titanium Mach, and each city only authorizes a villa that meets the standards. Obtaining the authorization of Titanium Mach brand can directly use Titanium Mach's 49-year brand history as an endorsement to empower corporate image and market competitiveness.
join us
Welcome to join GECC-Titan Mach Joint Technology Member, join a converged communication platform of villa interior industry, and join a lifelong learning platform for home improvement industry!