Wilo(China)Pump System Co.,Ltd.is an important branch of WILLO SE in the world.It entered China in 1995 and has developed over 20 years.There are 14 branches in the country with nearly 800 employees.At present,Wilo China's headquarters and R&D center are located in Beijing and have two factories in Beijing and Qinhuangdao.Wilo is committed to improving the water consumption of Chinese people and actively invests in the research and development of water pumps.The products are mainly used in heating,refrigeration and air conditioning technology as well as water and sewage treatment and industrial industries,as well as pump products.Motor,supporting control device,etc.

  Headquartered in Dortmund,Germany,Wilo is one of the world's leading manufacturers of water pump and pump systems.Founded in 1872,the company was a copper and brass product factory.After more than 140 years of development,Wilo has more than 60 subsidiaries worldwide and employs approximately 7,600 people.

  The entrepreneurial spirit of Wilo China is“concentric,enterprising,innovative and excellent”.We look forward to more people who have dreams and dare to fight,join the Wilo family and create the glory that belongs to you and me!

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