Energy-saving and environmental protection industry notes: the term "passive house"

What is a passive house, what does a passive house mean? Many people are not very clear about the meaning and concept of "passive house". Today, the German Energy Center GECC will introduce to you the concept and origin of passive houses and passive houses.
1. What is a passive room?
The term “passive house” (also known as passive house, passive house, English Passive house) originated in Germany and is owned by the German Passive House Institute. It is one of the near zero energy building technology systems.
Second, the concept of passive housing
Passive House Conceptually, Passive House is an energy-efficient building designed and built based on passive technology. It does not require the use of traditional building air conditioning and heating equipment, relying on its superior thermal insulation performance and air tightness, from the building technology level to use the sun, lighting, human body, electrical heat dissipation and other natural heating methods to achieve constant temperature, constant humidity, Constant oxygen, isolated smog.
Third, the origin of the passive house
The "passive house" was first born in Germany. In the 1980s, the concept of passive houses was established on the basis of low-energy buildings in Germany. It is an energy-saving building standard that is moderate, environmentally friendly and economical. In some cities in Germany, new buildings have been built using passive houses since 2015.
The above is the introduction of the passive house, I am here to hope to help you.

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