What is green building? Introduction to the three characteristics of green building

Green buildings are buildings that can achieve energy conservation and emission reduction, and are green buildings. Today, the German Energy Center GECC introduces the three characteristics of green buildings.
Energy conservation: Make full use of solar energy, adopt a green design concept to meet the indoor lighting requirements without adding additional air conditioning load; replace the use of electrical energy as much as possible under the conditions of investment. Make full use of the green fresh air energy, use the dominant wind direction in summer to avoid the dominant wind direction in winter to reduce the use of air conditioning and heating. Always give priority to the use of free green energy. Energy-efficient building envelopes and equipment are used, in a flat form and overall layout adapted to local climatic conditions.
Resource conservation: Consider the rational use and disposal of resources in the choice of building design, construction and building materials. To reduce the use of resources, we strive to make resources renewable. Save water resources, including greening to save water.
Return to nature: The exterior of green buildings should be integrated with the surrounding environment, harmonious, complementary, and protected to protect the natural ecological environment. Comfortable and healthy living and working environment: Building materials and decoration materials that are harmful to the human body are not used inside the building. The indoor air is fresh, the temperature and humidity are appropriate, and the people in the building feel good and healthy.