GECC and Titan Mach joint member release and basement moisture-proof special technical solution conference held smoothly

Every extraordinary starting point will be remembered!

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On November 5th, 2019, the GECC & Tellmach joint member and basement moisture-proof solution conference on the theme of “Dialogue Germany's extraordinary empowerment” was launched at the GECC China headquarters in the German Center in Shanghai.
Old and new friends, industry colleagues, and leading guests gathered together to witness Titan Mach and GECC more than ten years of wind, layout villa home improvement industry, writing a beautiful new home map of the era.

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At 1 pm, the participating guests came to the event venue. Titanium Mach and GECC provided coffee break snacks and hand-to-hand gifts to each of the guests at the venue. The guests also signed their names on the off-site signature board and took a group photo.

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At 2 o'clock in the afternoon, with the sound of passionate music, the conference officially kicked off. The big screen first broadcast the blessings sent by Mr. Bokart, the chairman of the German Titanium Mach, to each of the guests in Germany. For 14 years, Titanium Mach is not only a guide for German craftsmanship in Chinese villas, but also a witness to the rapid development of the home improvement industry.

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At the scene, Mr. Guan Liming, the head of GECC China, gave a speech on the stage and deeply interpreted the leading role of GECC in the past and present and the future GECC will play a leading role in the development of China's national equipment industry. He said that in the future, GECC will be committed to exchanges and cooperation between Chinese and German companies, so that more German leading technologies will enter the Chinese mainland and open up a better human settlement experience.

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Consolidation of enterprises, industry innovation, China's villa home improvement industry is on the road to rapid industrial upgrading!
Mr. Yuan Chenglin, General Manager of Titanium Mach (China) Technology Center, took the stage and brought the new joint member platform of Titanium Mach and the technical strength of GECC & Tellmach joint members and strong brand endorsement with rich German government background.
Joining the joint members of GECC & Tellmach will make the technical strength of the villa's branded brand a qualitative leap. Let the villas install the high-speed trains that have been upgraded in the industry, and accelerate the goal of truly satisfying the value needs of consumers in order to achieve a truly comfortable and healthy living experience.

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Next, the activity goes to the most important part. With the sound of music, Mr. Guan Liming, the head of GECC China, Mr. Yuan Chenglin, the general manager of Titan Mach (China) Technology Center, and MITTELSTAND INTERNATIONAL Mr.Karl came together.

With the convergence of the starter lights, the logo of the joint members of GECC & Tellmach is gradually rising. At this point, the first voice of this epoch-making platform officially met the expectations of the entire industry.

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Why is the GECC & Tellmach joint membership platform a professional technology platform? At this event, Titan Mach and GECC gave everyone the answer to the "Basement Moisture Ultimate Solution".
The seemingly simple technical solution is indeed the fruit accumulated in more than ten years!
Titanium Mach selects the results of a decade of research and development from the same company from Germany. It is suitable for high-end home decoration underground indoor walls, especially for the needs of external basement and wall with moisture infiltration or moisture migration in wet areas. .
To this end, Titan Macht invited Titan Mach expert technical committee expert, Mr. Xie Bo, technical manager of Artis China, to take the stage to explain the "Basic Solution for Basement Moisture Protection".
The guests were enthusiastic about the solution, and the photos and flashes came one after another. Everyone was feeling the most advanced construction technology in Germany. After the explanation, in the face of constant questions, Mr. Xie Bo also made detailed and intuitive answers.

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Conversation with Germany, empowerment!

The launch of the 2019 Tellmach & GECC joint member and the "Basic Moisture Ultimate Solution" was not only a formal voice of Titanium Mach and GECC, but also a determination to deliver a good life to every consumer.

In the future, GECC and Titanium Mach will join more outstanding companies to bring more advanced technology solutions and richer membership platform services to each villa home improvement company, so stay tuned!

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