A variety of business communication salon events for property service companies were successfully held at the German Centre GECC!

On November 21, 2019, the innovative service for property service companies organized by the Shanghai Property Management Industry Association, the Shanghai International Building Owners and the Property Management Industry Exhibition Organizing Committee-a variety of business exchange salon activities, successfully in the GECC venue in the German Centre Hosted.

Group photo of Shanghai Property Management Industry Association, Shanghai International Building Owners and Property Management Industry Exhibition Organizing Committee at GECC

With the real estate market entering the stock market from the incremental era. Meeting the diversified service needs of owners and creating a better quality of life is the future goal of the entire real estate and property service industry. In recent years, the sales growth of the real estate industry has slowed down, and the pace of capitalization of property companies is constantly accelerating. At the same time, the contradiction between the difficulty of increasing property costs and the improvement of the quality of property services is highlighted. There are many voices in the industry such as "profits are given to you, where does the service come from?" Where does our profit come from?

Therefore, in order to better promote the development of diversified operations in property service companies, better serve the cake of diversified operations, summarize and share the experience of diversified operations, and lead the industry to develop new ideas and sparks.

Real estate service company diversified business communication salon event at the German Centre GECC photo

The conference invited Shimao, Vanke, Jingrui, Shangshi, Kaiyuan, Xianxia, Yuzhou, Great Wall, Xinchengyue, Zhonghai, Jindi, Yanghong, Agro-industrial Wangdu, Highland, Shibang Taihe, China Construction Dongfu, Relevant personnel of various operating departments, community service brands, and service product suppliers of property service companies such as Zhongnan, are committed to comprehensively improving and optimizing service quality, creating a better life and providing more The city's business environment has been explored and considered in depth.

Real estate service company's diversified business communication salon event successfully held in the German center GECC

At the beginning of the salon, Shimao's service Xiong Xiong exchanged views on the diverse and symbiotic Shimao's diversified operations. He said that the current property market has a bright future. Property diversification will open up more development prospects for the industry and test the innovation and integration of property companies ability. How to create a better life service from the overall planning of the enterprise, diversified symbiosis and business model, and conducted in-depth sharing and exchange.

Subsequently, General Manager Zhang of Highland Property exchanged information on the construction of a community smart life in the hive service system. The gross profit margin of non-owner value-added services and community value-added services is much higher than that of basic property management, and is becoming a new profit growth point for enterprises.

Next, Kai Neng Water Purifiers and Smart Devices discussed how to cooperate with property service companies in various ways, how to build a one-stop service, and build a win-win platform together. During the tea break, participants also fully exchanged views and explored new formats of innovative services.

Real estate service company's diversified business communication salon event successfully held in the German center GECC

Ask questions, solve problems, and collide with viewpoints. In the context of the booming industry trend, the industry is facing more and more problems. The communication needs between the industry and cross-borders are also gradually increasing. Only mutual communication can be discussed. Create a new development path, let us look forward to the next industry gathering, breakthroughs and innovation.