Willo Group (WILO SE) was elected Germany's "Best Family Business"

German companies are world-renowned and lead the world in the number and size of family businesses. According to data, 90% of companies in Germany are private companies or family companies, and more than 60% of employees are employed in family companies. Family business can be said to be an important pillar of the German economy, so if a corporate brand can win the title of Germany's best family business, it must be a glory, and it also represents the collection of countless brand employees and entrepreneurship behind.

Recently, the "Best Family Enterprise" award issued by the German F.A.Z. Institute and the IMWF School of Management and Economic Research has been released. After the organizing committee voted, the German Wilo Group (WILO SE) won this award in one fell swoop.

FAZ is the German Institute of Economics, a subsidiary of the German "Frankfurt Report". This time, in cooperation with the IMWF Institute of Management and Economics, it has provided economic stability, employer quality, innovation, management, service and sustainability to 2,600 German family-owned companies. The performance was comprehensively evaluated.

In the end, the Wilo Group won the "Best Family Business" award for its strong family business strength and excellent business performance. In particular, based on the current economic difficulties, compared with listed companies, the performance of the Wilo Group is still remarkable.

The award-winning German Wilo Group is the world's leading high-quality supplier of pumps and pump systems, and its products are mainly used in commercial buildings, municipal water and industrial fields. Wilo was founded (founded) in 1872. After more than 140 years of development history, it is committed to intelligent solutions that connect people, products and services. Wilo Group is striving to become a digital pioneer in the industry. The Wilo Group has approximately 7,800 employees worldwide and 60 production bases and sales branches in more than 50 countries and regions around the world.

After receiving the award, Mr. Oliver Hermes, president and CEO of the Wilo Group, said in an interview with the media: "The reason why German family businesses are so successful is that we always focus on the future in our operations and implement sustainable development. These innovative family businesses not only It has rich R&D results, iterative and innovative science and technology, and pays attention to protecting the climate and accelerating the overall development process of digital transformation. In this way, excellent family business owners not only make efforts to prevent ecological deterioration and regional differences It also helps achieve greater social equality through climate protection."

It is understood that during the implementation of the globalization development strategy of the Wilo Group, the legal structure and corporate processes of the group were scientifically adjusted and iterated very early, and the excellent nature of the medium-sized family business culture was always maintained.

At the same time, Mr. Oliver Hermes also serves as the chairman of the board of directors of the Wilo Foundation, the major shareholder of the Wilo Group. The implementation of the Wilo Group’s investment strategy also benefits from the long-term good operation and strong support of the Wilo Foundation, the group’s main shareholder.

Over the past 10 years, the Wilo Group’s future-oriented development strategy is very clear, and it has reached 1 billion euros in investment expenditure. Oliver Hermes said in this regard, "The forward-looking investment of the Wilo Group aims to expand our global production capacity and steadily develop sales infrastructure to promote corporate mergers and acquisitions and digital transformation on a global scale."