Grünbeck water treatment – 70 years of experience

For 70 years now, Grünbeck Wasseraufbereitung has been one of the most renowned companies for water treatment in household, trade and industry in Europe. All around the globe, our customers trust in our expertise when it comes to ideal water qualities. The company’s headquarters are located in the Bavarian city of Hoechstaedt /Donau, approximately 100 km west of Munich, where all of Grünbeck’s products are manufactured – high-class German workmanship with high standards of quality. We have a tight net of sales and service locations in Europe and thus not only ensure the proximity to our customers, but also have quick response times.

Grünbeck offers the entire spectrum of water treatment for drinking water installations and industrial applications. Our product range covers filtration, softening and corrosion protection up to disinfection and pure water generation. Furthermore, Grünbeck also is in the position to offer an ideal solution for the treatment of heating water.

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  Good water fascinates,tastes,cares,delights.It is the treasure you enjoy at home everyday-and worth preserving with special care.That's why we are passionate about Grünbeck.And we think it shoul...