Vodamai-lighting expert

  Established: 1928

  Vodamai headquarters is located in Germany's most beautiful place-the Black Forest, in Villingen-Schwenningen, Baden-Württemberg (Germany). In the early days of its establishment in 1928, the company was a professional company engaged in the production of electrical systems and the installation and maintenance of electrical equipment; since 1958, the company has focused on the production of lighting fixtures and providing lighting solutions. In 1975, the company expanded its professional field to medical special lighting and medical phototherapy equipment. At present, Vodamai has about 870 employees worldwide, and has become a multinational group with production and sales branches in 12 countries around the world, and is in a leading position in the field of lighting production in Europe and the world. Its innovative technology leads the industry in the lighting industry. Vodamer's sales agent partners and business cooperation companies have also formed a dense network to support their global business, thereby ensuring extensive and direct consultations. Vodamer is one of the first companies to research and apply LED technology. Today, we provide LED industrial lighting that can meet the most extreme and demanding requirements, and apply this technology to office buildings and medical fields. In the long time of more than eighty years, as a "lighting expert", Vodamer's lighting products always represent the highest level of German craftsmanship and engineering technology.

  As the world's top luminaire manufacturer, Vodamer provides lighting systems and workplace lighting for various industries and application fields. It has more than 200 standard lighting models and more than 2,000 special lighting solutions suitable for various working environments. We are proud to be able to provide world-class lighting solutions according to your needs, whether it is waterproof industrial lighting for mechanical equipment, intelligent lighting concepts and lamps in the field of office buildings, or medical lighting for treatment and inspection Program.

  The company established the Chinese factory "Vodamai Lamp Manufacturing (Shanghai) Co., Ltd." in Shanghai at the end of 2006, engaged in production, assembly and sales, providing the Chinese market with the highest quality German craftsmanship and professional lighting products. With the gradual development and establishment of Vodamai's branches in Asia, the Chinese factory also provides technical support and professional services for its branches and partners in Japan, Singapore, India and other countries.

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