Klimakontor of Germany has been committed to the research and development of innovative energy, environment and building systems for the past 40 years. Klimakontor air conditioner is synonymous with high-quality comfort system, representing a wide range of air-conditioning technology product types and intelligent control technology of constant temperature, humidity and oxygen. From the very beginning, we have provided suggestions for global customers in terms of product selection, designed personalized technology and equipment production, so as to provide customers with efficient, environmentally friendly and resource-saving environmental comfort systems. In addition to ventilation components, floor convectors, cold ceilings and silent ventilation systems, ice storage, water system host and intelligent control technology are also one of our product series.

Our business scope includes banks, restaurant lobbies, conference halls, airports, homes, office buildings or exhibition halls, etc. The air-conditioning technology used is the best embodiment of Klimakontor's design philosophy in real life!

Our ideal is to create a comfortable environment, under the premise of product performance and energy-saving performance as the guidance, combine the standard components that have been verified by cases and professional special solutions, and more effectively achieve the system personality for customers and intelligent.

Featured technology & products

Floor Convector

Klimakontor has multiple series of natural convection floor convection and forced convection floor convection, which can meet different heat dissipation power requirements, can shield the cold air flo...

Cold Ceiling

The Klimakontor cold ceiling system uses water as a medium to eliminate indoor load. The radiant cold and heat system does not directly act on the human body and the surface of the object through heat...

Cold beam

Compared with the traditional air conditioner terminal, the chilled beam system is a more economical and environmentally friendly choice. The air-cooled beam is suitable for rooms with heavy cooling l...